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Cyber security has become a much bigger priority. Any business, no matter how small or large, could be the target of a cyber scam. Vigilance and training are vitally important to safeguard your business and the data you hold. We have recently been made aware of (and some of our contacts have fallen victim to) a couple of alarming scams...which we felt were important to share: 1. Change of bank details The scam An email is received from one of your suppliers saying they have changed their bank details and all payments should be made to the new account. The email appears legitimate as it comes from a known email address connected to your suppliers domain. How to act If one of your suppliers says that they have changed their bank details PLEASE ensure you speak to a known contact - face to face or over the phone - to verify the information. Do not change bank details based on an email alone (regardless of the email address). Your supplier's email system may have been hacked. 2. Email from a senior staff member The scam You receive an email from a senior staff member asking for an attached invoice to be paid, or for a staff member's bank details to be amended. The email comes from an internal address and is written in their usual style (the hacker has been monitoring their email account, so knows how to imitate them). How to act Check with the the senior staff member over the phone or in person that the email is legitimate. They would rather lose a minute of their time to your scrupulousness than thousands of pounds to a hacker! Don't make the payment based on the email alone.

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