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The best business managers and leaders create a vision of the future that is compelling and motivates employees to want to achieve it. Here are a few key areas to consider when leading a team... Communication and Relationships Communication helps to build relationships and trust...and is an essential leadership skill for any business manager. It is important to communicate with your team often and in a variety of different ways. Whether one-to-one conversations, team meetings, email or phone calls...communication is key. The stronger the relationships you can build, the better you will be able to lead people. Integrity In order to be a successful business leader you need to be honest, transparent and have a high degree of integrity. The key is to do what you say you are going to do. Some people might be happy to sit back and watch from the sidelines, but great leaders like to get involved in making things happen. In order to become a successful leader you need to persevere, drive your people forward and be accountable. Innovation If you stand still, your competitors will overtake you. Innovation can take many forms – perhaps you wish to focus on hiring people with a different skill-set or you want to utilise technology in order to drive efficiency across the business. The best business leaders are innovative people who come up with new and better solutions to problems.

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