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Google AI training for small businesses

Google have launched online training - focused on AI (Artificial Intelligence) - for people and businesses to help capture its benefits, whether it’s to save time or grow your business.

The modules contain practical advice and tips focused on essential AI skills.

The modules include:

'Boost your productivity with AI'

This session introduces learners to cutting-edge AI tools that are already available from Google and others, to show some of the smartest ways digital-age workers can use them to save time at work and on tasks. In this session you will learn:

  • An introduction to generative AI and how it works;

  • How to use AI-powered tools and techniques to save you time; and

  • An overview to crafting effective prompts.

'Understanding machine learning'

This is aimed at small business leaders/owners, or anyone looking to get a better understanding on the subject, it covers:

  • How different machine learning models work;

  • The essentials for preparing data for a machine learning project; and

  • Options for implementing machine learning for a business.

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