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The value of Fee Protection Insurance

With the UK’s debt level looking set to remain at record levels for years to come, it seems inevitable that HMRC’s efforts to investigate and claim back tax from UK SMEs will only escalate.

Tax investigations therefore seem very likely to increase in coming months and years… a trend which will create headaches for many business owners.

How Fee Protection Insurance (FPI) can help…

If an investigation occurs, we can manage the process and deal with all communication with HMRC on your behalf... and if FPI is in place, the professional fees to cover our management of the investigation are paid without you needing to see a bill.

We strongly advise our clients to take up this service as the relatively small annual fee offers significant protection for yourself and your business against the substantial costs involved in the event of a tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Please be aware, the insurance does not cover any amount that may be owed to HMRC - it covers the fees to manage the investigation.

If you are not already covered, and would like to take out Fee Protection Insurance, please contact us to discuss.

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