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HMRC is under increasing pressure to deliver results and recoup lost tax, so we strongly recommend protecting your business against the substantial costs involved in a tax investigation

We offer an annual Tax Investigation Fee Protection Service subscription to our clients. We advise our you to take up this service as the relatively small annual fee offers significant protection for yourself and your business against the substantial costs involved in the event of a tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). 

If you wish to subscribe, please let is know and we will send you an invoice. Cover will commence upon receipt of payment. Please note: this service is only available to clients.

What is Included?


Should an investigation arise, the subscription covers the cost of our fees for assuming responsibility for all communication with HMRC and guiding you through the investigation process. Some exclusions apply.


Your subscription also includes the benefit of unrestricted access to a business legal helpline service which you can call about any commercial UK legal problem including but not restricted to legal contract matters, landlord and tenant queries, employment and health and safety matters.


Directors’ and Partners’ tax affairs are included within the business subscription; however, a separate subscription is required where gross rental income exceeds £50,000 per year or you have multiple businesses. Please let us know if either of these is applicable.

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