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Business Finance Week 2023: 6 - 10 November

From 6-10 November the British Business Bank, along with several partners from across the UK, will host Business Finance Week 2023.

With a host of free nationwide and regional in-person events, webinars and more, Business Finance Week aims to help smaller businesses learn about the different finance options available to them to support their individual needs.

Some of the events running are:

• An introduction to angel investment

• Demystifying early-stage equity finance

• Founder Fables and Investor Tales: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

• How to start your business and avoid costly mistakes

• Making sense of start-up funding: Where do I start?

• Starting up the right way: How to supercharge your start-up with investment

• Growing your business: An interview with a founder

• Meet the experts in finance for business growth

• Investment for innovation

• Inspiring inclusive entrepreneurship

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